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Mini Rocker Protection – PPF for Model Y

Please read this before you get started!


Unlike color vinyl, PPF is a wet install. Our install solution AKA “slip” is water mixed with soap and is used to help the PPF slide into place. For some of our kits, a stick solution AKA “Tack” is needed which is just water. Stick solution works by flushing out the soap, allowing it to stick to the surface. Our kits come with everything you need to install your PPF. Since it could spill during transit, we only put the soap in the bottle. Keep in mind that it may not look like there is anything in the bottle since it is a very small amount of soap. Just add water and you’re ready to go! 


PPF is best installed in a temperature range between 65 and 75 degrees F. If it’s too cold, it may feel stiffer. If it’s too hot, it’ll stretch more.


To prevent dust from getting under the film, we recommend installing it indoors in a closed-door environment.


 Wear a hat and dri-fit shirt to prevent dust and hair getting into the film. It also helps to wet your floor before installing the piece so the dust settles.

How long should I wait to drive my Tesla after installing PPF?
We highly recommend waiting at least 24 hours before driving. This ensures your PPF has had time to fully adhere so water and debris can’t get under the surface.

What temperature should I install PPF?
PPF is best installed in a temperature range between 65 and 75 degrees F. If it’s too cold, it may feel stiffer. If it’s too hot, it’ll stretch more. 

How do I remove wrinkles (also called fingers) when installing?
If it’s a small finger, the easiest way to push it down is to use your tack solution, and then push it down with your squeegee. If it still persists, wrap your squeegee with microfiber and squeegee it down. The microfiber will absorb the water making it tackier. 

Is it okay to leave small bubbles when installing?
If it is larger than a nickel, you want to lift the PPF and squeegee it down again. If it’s smaller than a nickel, it should dissipate and evaporate within time. 

How long should I wait before cleaning my Tesla after installing it?
We recommend waiting at least 24 hours but 48 hours to be safe. 

Does it come with everything I need to install?
Yes, everything you need is provided in the kits. All you’ll need to add is water to the slip and tack bottles. 

Do I need to cut anything?
No, our kits come pre-cut to make installation easier for you!

Can I use a pressure washer to wash my car after installing the ppf?
You can but please be extremely careful. You want to be careful around all the edges. If you directly point the spray gun near the edge, it may remove the film. Don’t directly spray on the edges and you’ll be fine.

Why does it only come with 1 set?
PPF is easier to adjust since it is a wet install compared to vinyl which is a dry install. If you do make a mistake, reach out to us and we can send you a replacement at cost. 

I messed up. Can I get another piece?
Yes, please contact for replacements!

How long does PPF last?
Our film is rated for 10 years. 

Can I put ceramic coating over PPF?
Absolutely. There are many ceramic coatings that are specifically for PPF which will make the car even easier to keep clean!